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Ray Mar Rahu
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Commission Contract


The contents of the art piece will be discussed;
once both parties agree on a concept, they may
proceed (thumbnail confirmed).

Terms & Agreements

1.0 Prices adjust based on complexity (number of characters, level of detail, background, etc.)
1.1 An appropriate price (with respect to the rates provided) will be negotiated to satisfy both parties.

2.0 Requested changes will not carry a fee during the “sketch stage”. However :
2.1 A charge\fine may apply if modifications to the finalized sketch are requested after the “sketch stage”. The weight of the fine varies depending on revision scale; paid upon re-negotiation. A subtractive revision carries no weight, but will not yield a refund.
2.2 If the charge\fine cannot be met, the commission will continue and be completed as per the initial agreement. Refunds will not be given.

3.0 Payment accepted via Paypal.
3.1 The full payment is expected upon both parties committing to the commissioned piece (thumbnail confirmation).
3.2 The commission, as well as regular updates\follow-ups (especially during the “sketch stage”), will begin after the payment has been processed.
3.3 Both parties are expected to reply in a timely fashion to ensure a timely workflow.
3.4 The commissioner is expected, and encouraged, to express any dissatisfaction and request changes to ensure the artist delivers the most satisfying result.

4.0 Both parties own the final product and are free to share\distribute it as they please (unless otherwise negotiated).
4.1 Credentials are expected to be provided for both parties by both parties.
4.2 The client is expected to responsibly handle the files they receive.

Rates & Modifiers

Sketch : $15.00 ~ $45.00

+ Value\tone : $10.00 ~ $20.00
+ Colour : $20.00 ~ $40.00

Lineart : $40.00 ~ $80.00

+ Value\tone : $20.00 ~ $40.00
+ Colour : $20.00 ~ $60.00

Painting : - - -

Monochromatic : $30.00 ~ $90.00
Polychromatic : $40.00 ~ $120.00

*Rates above are for reference; actual rates vary based on commission variables and price negotiation.
*Payment confirms agreement to the terms above. Currency measured in Canadian Dollars.


Comics \ Graphic Novels

Animation \ Video

Live every Tue., Fri. & Sat. @ 10pm-12pm EST



The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Reaper design based on the "tunnel" near-death experience.

I guess it kind of behaves like an angler fish, but for souls. 
Forest Elf
Support me on Patreon for HD image, original files, webcomics and more :)
Finished with this.. original files can be freely accessed here:
A fictional species based on the Japanese mythology of Bakeneko\Nekomata, Chinese legends of Sun Wukong (Monkey King) and Kung Fu fighting styles.

Support @ $3 for HD version.

Support @ $6 for Original File.

Here's a caricaturish drawing of RageAfterStorm.

I like her face. And her voice. And her videos.
Style Experiment
This was an experiment done as an attempt to develop an aesthetic style as well as a test in effective use of layers\organized folders.

The original files are attached in both .clip and .psd and can be accessed here (free of charge):
Follow the link below if you're interested in the original file (.clip + .psd) for the full-size image.…


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Wen-M Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2015
Thank you for the faves!  I promise this is not a robot reply. 8D 
ReiMarahu Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Aww, I thought you were a robot...:(
Wen-M Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015
would have been awesome...i could draw so much faster....8D
Wen-M Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
Thanks for the faves! i appreciate them =D
ReiMarahu Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I look forward to more of your work :)
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